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You've trusted our technical expertise to look after your servers for quite some time. But, it seems that you still keep your server in another data center. Why?

Our technicians don’t just manage and support the servers we use, they develop them. Our technical team chooses the components, configuration, and setup on our servers. They know exactly what the servers are capable of as well as how to extract the highest levels of reliability and performance.

Free Migration!

Our technical experts are with you every step of the way. We can do so much more than provide the expertise you've come to rely on to keep your old server up and running. Our technicians would be happy to migrate all of your data to your new server. We don't just transfer your data, we also get everything up and running on your new server. You'll be up and running on a powerful new server in no time at all.

Zero Down Time

By letting our technicians move your data from your old server, to your new one here at TSS, you can ensure your customers maximum uptime. We won't make any changes on your old server until everything on your new one is configured and optimized to perfection. Then it's a matter of a couple quick changes, and everything will be up and running on your new server.

Great Hardware

We're picky about the hardware into the servers that bear the Total Server Solutions name. All of the components we select for use in our servers are chosen for both speed and reliability. Your new server will use only state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with exceptional speed and reliability.

Backups Included

We want to you to sleep well at night knowing your data is safe. That’s why we include Idera CDP backup space with your new server. Keep your data backed up and available. In the rare instance you have a problem, the backup service we provide could save the day.

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