Our facility in Weehawken is a short distance from NYC. At our Weehawken facility, customers get access to great routes to Europe as well as all of our other locations. Our spot in Weehawken has fully redundant power, industrial level cooling and all the connectivity you need. With it's close proximity to NYC, Weehawken provides great access to the east coast of the USA as well as smooth routes to Europe.

Space at our Weehawken location is very competitively priced and is a great value.


Weehawken Specifications

  • Generator: 2 MW
  • UPS: 4 x 625 kVA systems configured as 2N.
  • Cooling: 400 Tons of A/C capacity CRAH units configured as N+2.
  • Utility Power: 2 MW of capacity delivered via dual circuit 13.2 kV service.
  • Onsite security personnel 24/7/365.
  • Cages available with dedicated PDU capacity.
  • Diverse underground fiber entry points to facility.
  • Space available: 9,800 sq ft.

Bandwidth Providers

Bandwidth Providers
Bandwidth Providers

Bandwidth Providers
Bandwidth Providers

Bandwidth Providers


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