Our Amsterdam facility provides customers with some of the best datacenter space in Europe. Amsterdam is centrally located so routes to Europe & western Asia are smooth and fast. With direct connections to peering networks such as AMS-IX you're assured of the fastest routes and serious capacity wherever you need to go.

With a fully secured, windowless structure, our Amsterdam facility is robust and secure. Staffed at all times, your data is always guarded. Talk with our engineers to find out how you can put our Amsterdam datacenter to work for you.


Amsterdam Specifications

  • Up to 60MW of available power.
  • Generators: 16 x 1450kVA (N+2).
  • AC & DC power available.
  • Facility uptime rated at 99.999%.
  • Onsite security personnel 24/7/365.
  • FirePro IG55 fire suppression system.
  • VESDA fire detection system.
  • 3m high perimiter fencing with secured loading dock area.
  • Outside all flight paths to major airports.
  • Biometric scan & electronic ID card access.
  • Direct connections with AMS-IX.

Bandwidth Providers

Bandwidth Providers
Bandwidth Providers

Bandwidth Providers
Bandwidth Providers


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